The Farm Credit Associations of NC’s AgYouth Leadership Program will honor students who excel in the classroom and community as leaders in their FFA chapters and 4-H clubs.  The goals of this award are:

  • To raise the profile of FFA and 4H by recognizing outstanding junior and senior leaders.
  • To recognize these winners in various association publications, social media, and Farm Credit Associations of NC websites.
  • To create scholarship opportunities that will help graduating seniors.


Any senior student in good standing with his/her FFA or 4-H program and in good standing with the high school is eligible to apply and be selected for the AgYouth Leadership award.

How does the AgYouth Leadership Program work?

NC FFA advisors and 4-H leaders will select students to submit applications for the AgYouth Leadership Program.  The AgYouth Leadership Committee will review and select recipients which will be recognized in November, February, and April. Award winners will be invited to the local Farm Credit branch office to receive an AgYouth Leadership certificate and to have his/her photograph taken for publication in various Farm Credit publications, social media, and Farm Credit Associations of NC websites.  All winners will be eligible for scholarship opportunities.

apply using the form below:

The application deadline was September 15, 2018. Award recipients and advisors/leaders will be notified.

Please email any questions to: